Friday, February 11, 2011

So Much to Catch Up On!! Yep, my last post was Halloween, whoops! The days just don't seem long enough! As much as I love seeing everyone else's posts, those of you who seem to have found that extra hidden hour in the day, blogging has not made it to the top of my list in a while, beat out by dishes, laundry, "hold me's", feeding, cooking, working, sleeping (sporadic as it may be)...the norm. But every little task comes with an adorable little face I'm doing it for, so I can't complain;) Right now all of my loves are asleep so I can try to catch up on the last 3 months or so;)

Jack is growing so fast, changing more everyday! I gave him cereal for the first time at 5 months and he loved it! Shortly after he got baby food and he loves that even more!! I just recently made some homemade food for Jack and so far so good. Amelia would never eat baby food so I didn't have a chance to consider it, but I think we like it;)

We celebrated Thanksgiving with all of our family, here and in KY. Seems kind of a blur now ha ha!
Miss Amelia on Thanksgiving
All the great-grand babies (so far) on the Hughes side;)
getting into the Christmas spirit;)
cousin Alli had a Fancy Nancy birthday party-Amelia LOVED dressing up-no surprise!
Our big girl is so stinkin cute, alot of times sassy, and always entertaining! She loves to sing, never stops talking, hardly ever gets out of jammies, sometimes going through multiple pairs in a day, likes to make up stories for mommy and daddy, and most days wears atleast one if not multiple lip glosses. Somehow she started believing that there are "green monsters" in her bedroom, and only Daddy can get rid of them-no idea where that came from! She wants absolutely nothing to do with the potty, and even though I hear from everyone "don't rush her, she'll do it when she's ready", I am a little impatient. I can see that it's only for attention, she pretends to be a baby, asks for a diaper change when Jack gets one, wants me to feed her when I'm feeding Jack, and so on and so on! But I know that she knows how to do it! It will happen soon, I know!

Christmas with the Hughes family:)

Christmas at the Wolsiefer's
Jack is soooo precious! He is a snuggle-bug, is almost always smiling, and has the most contagious sweet laugh! He is super ticklish, which I abuse ALL THE TIME! He is really starting to play with toys, LOVES his sister, is trying to scoot, and loves splashing in the bathtub! I can already tell that he is going to keep us much more busy than Amelia did-she never splashed in the tub, she never threw toys or food off her high chair/walker, and he doesn't keep anything on there for 2 minutes! He drools constantly and just got his first two teeth a couple weeks ago! This little guy has his mommy wrapped around his finger, but with that face, come on!!

they love each other!
supporting the Colts!

getting a little time outside with her baby;)
big guy sitting up!
snow days;)
Amelia had gone to play at gymnastics a couple times now and loves it! It's not a class, but a few days where they can go and play on everything. I see some gymnastics classes in her future:)
That just about sums up what we've been doing. Throw in ALOT of hugs, kisses, snuggles, cartoons, fits, spit up, giggles, and you've got our crazy family on any normal day;) Everyone have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Since Amelia truly believes that she is a princess, this year for Halloween she went as Cinderella and Jack was her little mouse friend Gus Gus. Amelia looked beatiful and Jack was the cutest thing in the world! We had our friends over again for the third year in a row to trick or treat around our subdivision. Enjoy the pics of my little fairytale crew;)

Boo at the Zoo 2010

This was our first year to go to Boo at the Zoo, a yearly Halloween special the zoo in town puts on. They have organizations from around town set up booths throughout the zoo and hand out treats, all at night. Chris was busy getting ready for his hunting trip so I met a friend from work and her son who is Amelia's age. Amelia was amazed and thrilled for the most part, maybe because she was so surprised to be out after dark. They even had some of the animals out to see. Fun night!
Amelia wanted to get her face painted for the first time, but changed her mind halfway through. I still don't know how this was in any way going toward the direction of becoming a lizard.

My little monsters;)

Pickin' Punkins!

This year with Chris' big hunting trip coming up, we just didn't have a weekend free to make it back down to Jackson's Orchard in Bowling Green like I had hoped. But there's a great farm market just here on the west side that we went to with Grandma and Grandpa too called Mayes'. They had hay rides to the pumpkin patch, where Amelia picked out a pumpkin for herself and a green gord for Jack (sweet sister). Then they had a big play area with two slides, and even a princess castle made of hay bales leading to a hay bale maze. Amelia thought it was amazing, Jack thought where's my dinner?

Princess Room

As soon as we brought Jack home, Amelia got a new room that immediately was named her "princess room". She loves her pink walls that she still talks about Papaw painted, and loves sleeping in her new "princess bed". If you remember we had a couple months during the summer when she always wanted to sleep in "daddy's bed", but now Daddy's bed's got nothin on her princess bed! Of course, princess bed or not, she still has to have her "yellow bankie"!
I painted her wall letters-pretty cute if I say so;)

This pic does them no justice but Andrea Halbig painted these princess canvas' and they are adorable!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jack's Baptism (catching up)

Waaaay back on September 19 we had Jack baptised at our church. It was such a special service dedicating our new baby and our new family of four to God, as well as Jack's Godparents his Aunt Kelly and Uncle Mike! We are so blessed to know that they will always be there for him to help guide him through life;) After church we had lunch at our house and celebrated with the family-blessed day!

Nana gave Jack this quilt that was made by women from my church back home;)

Proud Godparents


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where to even start??.......

I'm not even going to appologize for the 6 week blogging break, instead I'm going to bribe you with cuteness, convinced that these faces will make you forget that you haven't heard from us in an eternity:

Amelia's loves this chick! Alyssa's her "best friend ever, ever, ever!"

Hard to believe how stinkin cute he is right? Don't worry he knows and is completely playing you.

It's not fair that you can be basically a stick figure and eat as much as this girl, but then she's 2 and from the looks of it that alone works up quite the appetite.

hunka hunka burnin love.

Amelia wanted Baby Jack to sleep in her princess bed, so he agreed. pretty nice guy. pretty awesome sister.